The Supercharged Hormone Diet

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About The Supercharged Hormone Diet:

Bestselling author and naturopathic doctor Natasha Turner returns with a follow-up to her phenomenal #1 bestselling first book. The Supercharged Hormone Diet gives us the information we need to get our hormones back on track — in thirty days flat.

The Hormone Diet taught us the ins and outs of how and why our hormones play the biggest part in our weight-loss woes — a valuable resource and diet guide to our hormones and how they affect our health. Now, The Supercharged Hormone Diet allows us to start losing weight as soon as we crack open the book.

In this busy, fast-paced world, we don’t always have time to research the science behind our diets. We want to lose weight sooner and faster. Turner has created an accelerated hormone diet with the same basic principles as the original (eating the right foods to correct your hormonal imbalances) and she’s plucked out the most important information from The Hormone Diet. It includes the questionnaires and assessments to get you started, a higher protein detox than the original, the key tips for sleep and exercise, a handy food list, a new two-week meal plan, a work chart to help you stay on top of your goals and many new hormone diet-friendly recipes.

The Supercharged Hormone Diet gives us exactly what we need — a quick-start diet plan with a thirty-day time frame.

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About the Author(s):

Dr. Natasha Turner is a leading naturopathic physician, natural health consultant, and a specialist in hormonal and digestive concerns.  She is the founder of Clear Medicine, a wellness boutique that provides integrated health care services.

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