The Resistance Training Revolution

The No-Cardio Way To Burn Fat and Age-Proof Your Body - In Only 60 Minutes a Week

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About The Resistance Training Revolution:

Why everyone should make resistance training their primary form of exercise–not only for aesthetics, but to be healthier, more energetic and live longer, from the founder of the popular Mind Pump Podcast.

Appealing to the motivational, upgrade your life through fitness audience for bestsellers like Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus, The Resistance Training Revolution reveals how weight training is the best form of exercise to burn fat, boost metabolism, and avoid injury and illness. This is the first authoritative, comprehensive guidebook from Mind Pump Media, one of the fastest-growing brands in the health and fitness industry.

Building muscle and burning body fat is often one focus and overall health & wellness is often another. The Resistance Training Revolution brings both of those elements together. Mind Pump co-founder Sal Di Stefano blows the lid off the same old “30 minutes of cardio a day” advice, revealing how to optimize your time spent in the gym–at least 2-3 days a week for the average person, following Mind Pump’s Muscular Adaptation Programming System (MAPS)–to transform your health in a way that cardio alone cannot. The book draws on the many recent studies and expert advice from MDs and other health experts (including many guests featured on the Mind Pump podcast) to show the superiority of resistance training for all aspects of health including injury prevention and anti-aging.

Critical Praise:

"This book is a clear and practical guide to training your body and your mind with simple, proven steps based in science. Sal Di Stefano’s raw fitness truths about motivation, resistance training and intuitive eating can help anyone, at any age, at any level."

Jason Fung, MD, physician, New York Times bestselling author

"Sal is one of my favorite fitness authorities. In The Resistance Training Revolution, he explains why lifting weights or using resistance is the best form of exercise for health, fat loss and longevity for people of all walks of life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in improving their health who also doesn’t have hours a week to dedicate to fitness."

Dr. Jolene Brighten, author of Beyond the Pill

"You don't just read this book—you do it, and you get the body you’ve always wanted. It's never too late to get into great shape, so this is a must-read for anyone at any age who wants to lose fat, build muscle, and get strong...for life."

Michael Matthews, bestselling fitness author and founder of Legion Athletics

"Sal Di Stefano is brilliant and my go-to source for all things fitness. He bridges a crucial divide, presenting cutting edge fat loss techniques while keeping in sight the science of living and aging well. We live in challenging times, and Sal expresses a true understanding of the hurdles real people must go through in order to see results today. Anyone who reads this book and follows Sal’s advice will see improvements right away, both in mindset and in the mirror."

Max Lugavere, author of Genius Foods and The Genius Life

About the Author(s):

Sal Di Stefano is a personal trainer and co-founder of Mind Pump Media and co-host of Mind Pump, an online radio show/podcast that is dedicated to providing truthful fitness and health information. He is also the designer of the Muscular Adaptation Programming System (MAPS). Sal is dedicated to prioritizing health over appearance, and he aims to shift the direction of the fitness industry from aesthetic- and insecurity-based to one based in self-love and self-care.

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