The Power of Teamwork

How We Can All Work Better Together

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About The Power of Teamwork:

Teamwork is the way to drive profits and build better companies, and the high-pressure and complex setting of healthcare is no exception. Medicine was once a largely-solo act, but today, teams can deliver complex and high-stakes care with blazing efficiency, making patients healthier and staff happier.

Doctors are learning art appreciation to sharpen diagnostic skills and stand-up comedy to build mutual support. Hospitals are adopting cutting-edge airplane-style “black boxes” in operating rooms to reduce errors and show surgeons and scrub nurses how to work in tandem. And hard-fought lessons from the medical world are even inspiring better teams outside of healthcare. Board games like Friday Night at the ER are showing Fortune 500 companies and even the CIA that applying teamwork lessons from the emergency department and operating room can help anyone who is part of, or leads, a team to be more effective.

Groups are not teams. Still, any group can become a good, or even great, team. Drawing on groundbreaking research that leverage the science of team building, The Power of Teamwork is filled with teachable techniques and examples from around the world that show how we can make almost anything better by working together.

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About the Author(s):

Dr. Brian Goldman is a highly regarded emergency physician and an award-winning medical journalist. He is the host of the CBC radio program White Coat, Black Art.

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