The Pirates of Somalia

Inside Their Hidden World

New York Times Bestseller

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About The Pirates of Somalia:

The first close-up look at the hidden world of Somali pirates by a young journalist who dared to make his way into their remote havens and spent a year infiltrating their lives.

For centuries, stories of pirates have captured imaginations around the world. The recent ragtag bands of pirates off the coast of Somalia, hijacking multimillion-dollar tankers owned by international shipping conglomerates, have brought the scourge of piracy into the modern era.

Jay Bahadur’s riveting narrative exposé—the first of its kind—looks at who these men are, how they live, the forces that created piracy in Somalia, how the pirates spend the ransom money, how they deal with their hostages, among much, much more. It is a revelation of a dangerous world at the epicenter of political and natural disaster.

Critical Praise:

Brave and exhaustively reported.

The New York Times

Bahadur has borne witness and seen what no other journalist has seen. He has peeked behind the curtain of the pirates of Somalia in their faraway tribal homelands . . . and lived to tell about it.

The Boston Globe

This vivid and intelligent study of Somali pirates uncovers the reckless men behind the nation’s most lucrative business. . . a balanced and fascinating portrait.

The Sunday Times

A punchy and impressive debut...A brave and timely book that reaches far behind the glib newspaper headlines to uncover the hidden world of Somali piracy.

Justin Marozzi, author of The Man Who Invented History

An illuminating guide. . . . Bahadur has probably spent more time with Somali pirates than just about any other Western researcher or writer.

The New Republic

A first-of-its kind book...akes readers through the evolution of the pirate groups from garrulous, self-proclaimed vigilantes who claim they are protecting Somalia’s waters from illegal fishing vessels to the deadly criminal gangs they are today.

The Associated Press

About the Author(s):

Jay Bahadur is a journalist whose writings about Somali pirates have been published in The New York TimesThe Times (London), and The Globe and Mail. He has worked for CBS News and appeared on BBC Radio multiple times as an expert on sea piracy.

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