Do Big Small Things

A Guided Journey Through Freedom, Happiness, and Adventure

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About Do Big Small Things:

Armed with this rough-and-tumble field journal, prepare to embark on a wondrous, eclectic journey packed with inspiration and activities from around the globe. Page by page, it will challenge you to write, rip, make, and share as you blast out of your comfort zone, dream big, and pay it forward. Wherever you find yourself—on a plane, trekking through Nepal, or in your living room—this book will inspire you to create a vibrant record of your adventures and to push the limits of your mind. The result is a deeply personal gallery of shared surprises, hidden treasures, sudden epiphanies, meaningful connections, and lasting changes.

Full of simple, playful prompts and eye-opening visuals, and brimming with worldly wisdom, healthy irreverence, and a sense of boundless possibility, this book is your map, your companion, your record of the small things you do that add up to something bigger.

About the Author(s):

Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of G Adventures, is a global leader in sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Bruce has spoken multiple times at the request of the United Nations and the World Bank, presented at the headquarters of Apple and Google, and delivered keynote speeches at TED events and leading entrepreneurship conferences around the world.

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