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The Reality Bubble

Blind Spots, Hidden Truths, and the Dangerous Illusions that Shape Our World

Ziya Tong

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Penguin Canada
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In the late 1600s, French physicist Edme Mariotte discovered a quirk of human anatomy that is familiar to anyone who drives a car: the blind spot.
Mariotte’s discovery of the human blind spot is an important reminder that we don’t always have a complete picture of our surroundings.  To put it more bluntly, we often don’t see what’s right in front of us.
That stark reality is more critical than ever today, as the natural order of our planet is under relentless assault by the human beings that inhabit it.  From the synthetic production of our food and the fabrication of our borders to the microscopic creatures that control our life support systems, most of the world operates outside our field of view.
In this profound and compelling narrative that challenges our basic assumptions about the world, Tong, a former Discovery Channel anchor and PBS host, shows us how a multitude of blind spots, some innate and some learned, distort our perception of reality and endanger our very survival.  As Tong explains, we live in a bubble, oblivious to the workings of the real world that are conveniently hidden from plain sight.
How else do we explain the troubling finding that one in three children believe that cheese comes from plants?  Sadly, a similar percentage of children don’t realize that eggs come from chickens and even more young people are unaware that cows produce milk.
Blending captivating science and entertaining ideas, The Reality Bubble is best described as a cross between The Matrix and the science series Cosmos.  It is a unique and urgent work of non-fiction that promises to open our eyes, expand our view of the world, and disrupt hardened ideas, allowing us to question what surrounds us, what sustains us, and perhaps most importantly, what controls us.

About the Author(s):

Ziya Tong is an award-winning science journalist, broadcaster, and public speaker.

From 2008 until its last and twenty-second season in 2018, Ziya served as the co-anchor of the world’s only nightly science broadcast, DAILY PLANET, which reached over 1.3 million weekly viewers on Discovery Channel Canada.

During her tenure at DAILY PLANET, she also co-anchored programs on Discovery’s Science Channel in the United States where she served as the co-host of a one-hour special on NASA’s Mars Curiosity Mission and co-anchored a special tribute to astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Prior to DAILY PLANET, she was a regular on-air host or correspondent on three other science programs: the host and field producer for PBS' national primetime series, WIRED Science, produced in conjunction with WIRED magazine; the host, writer and director for the Knowledge Network science series The Leading Edge; and a field correspondent alongside Neil de Grasse Tyson on PBS' television series, NOVA ScienceNOW.

She received her Masters Degree in communications with top honours from McGill University, and serves on the board of directors at the World Wildlife Fund.

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